The Cape George Heritage Museum was once a one room school serving the community in the area.  It was first established in 1925 and is situated on highway 337 just about in the center of the community.  In 1990 some local residents got together and decided that with some cleaning and repairing, it could become a place where precious pieces of history such as pictures and artifacts related to the area since 1900 could be stored and special events could be celebrated.  The museum comes alive in early spring with a Sunday pancake and sausage brunch and several other are held into the fall season.  It serves as a meeting place occasionally for local and outside group’s special teas and displays take place.  Tree lighting and Christmas carols bring the community together in early December.  Barbeques and birthday parties are celebrated and it has been open to the public during the summer months with government funding and with out it.  It now has newly established gardens, a project of the Antigonish Garden Club and is a starting off point for the hiking trails.  It contains many treasures from the past and is truly work visiting.

Cape George Heritage Museum (1928)